PARALLELE shoes are provided in English sizes from 2 to 8 or French sizes from 35 to 41.

Changes from one size to another are 1/3 of an inch, i.e. around 8 mm, and therefore around 4 mm for half sizes.

French sizes (given as 35, 36, 37 ...) appeared later with a smaller difference of 6.66 mm, with the idea of avoid half sizes. These are nevertheless the size wich are most often in consumers' minds in France.

Our models are developed on the basis of a prototype made in size 4 (equivalent to 37).

An easy way of calculating, the English size in relation to the French size is to take 33 away from the French size. For example, if you take a size 38, you should order a "5" (38-33).

However, given the differences in progression between the two systems, and for a clearer understanding, it could be useful to refer to the size conversion table below :

Size PARALLELE 2.533.544.555.566.577.58
Lenght (cm)22.422.72323.423.72424.424.72525.425.72626.4
FR35 35.536 36.537 37.538 38.5 39 39.5 40 40.5 41 

Know that despite everything, the footwear is never an exact science!

It strongly depends on the morphology of the foot and cuts or lines of the model. That is why we strive for each of them to indicate the gap generally observed when sales store, in sizes reported by our customers and those used after fitting.

This should help our internet customers, who do not know the fit of our shoes, to have a better idea of the size to order in relation to the model selected.